Escrow Fee Schedule

Escrow Fee Schedule

Set Up / Close Out Fees

Escrow Set Up Fee .001% of Original Loan Amount ($139.00 Minimum)
Partial Release Fee $49.00
Assignment Fee $49.00
Modification of Terms, payment, etc. $79.00
Release / Close out Fee
(includes filing of Release)**

* .001% of Original loan amount collected at set up. Includes Note, Deed of Trust and Release documents prepared by an Attorney.

** Any recordings, other than releases will be billed at the current courthouse filing fee. Current rate is $13.00 for single page, $5.00 for each additional page thereafter with a $5 e-recording fee per document recorded.

Monthly Charges

Monthly disbursement $9.99/payee

(monthly example: Joe Borrower $9.99 for ACH/check receipt of payment, Louie Lender $9.99 for ACH/check disbursement)

*Monthly disbursement charges can be handled by either party or split equally but will be set-up per the executed Escrow Instructions. Any changes to originally submitted. Instructions must be in writing and will incur a $79 change order fee.

Website Portal Access $5.99/per login or $10.00/2 logins