Why High Country Escrow

Why High Country Escrow

At High country, we take pride in making loan servicing easy for Sellers, Lenders, and Borrowers.

We combine decades of knowledge with proven digital tools that enable us to build trust-based relationships with lenders and borrowers. We’ve partnered with hundreds of private lenders and sellers who want to generate recurring income from a mortgage loan without managing monthly payments, escrow allotments, and strict compliance guidance. To learn more about all the benefits we provide private lenders and sellers click HERE.

We give home buyers (borrowers) the confidence of knowing they have a “real” mortgage that is managed with all the security and convenience of a bank or well-known lending institution. Our online mortgage servicing platform allows borrowers to track the activity on their mortgage 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. To learn more about all the benefits we provide buyers and borrowers click HERE.

We value our reputation and are committed to fair and transparent pricing, ensuring all parties, lenders and borrowers, understand all costs associated with the servicing of their mortgage loan.

High Country Escrow has managed hundreds of loans, with exceptional feedback from lenders and borrowers. If you are a Realtor or seller exploring options for owner financing or private lending, please contact the High Country Escrow team HERE or call us at (970) 264-2700!

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